The Orange Dots

Every evening when I get home I liked to lie out over my favorite stretching ball. It's blue with orange polka dots. It feels good to get all the kinks out after a hard day at work.

On this one particular evening however; something very strange happened. I was stretched out over the ball with my face toward the floor. Suddenly the orange polka dots jumped off the ball and on to the floor. My eyes got as wide as baseballs. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. One of the orange polka dots started talking to me. It spoke in strange beeping sounds. It started rolling, and I realized that it wanted me to follow it. I pinched myself. No I was not asleep. I felt my forehead. No fever.

I had been feeling kind of bored lately. This might be a fun adventure. So I decided to follow. The other orange dots were already waiting by the kitchen door. Could they be hungry? The strange beeps didn't make any sense to me. One of the dots turned green, and a hologram of a hamburger showed up on my white wall. I started making dinner for all of us. It took me some time because there were at least 12 dots to feed along with myself. Cleaning up the kitchen was fun as all of the dots slid down the dirty dishes and cleaned them just like sponges.

After splashing around in the water and getting everything clean the dots started beeping at each other like crazy. It sounded like a fax machine gone mad. One of the dots hopped on a chair and started jumping up and down. I realized that he wanted me to sit down in the chair. They rolled me outside. The sun hit my eyes, and I shut them tight. I started feeling cold outside, so the dots covered me with a blanket.

Next thing I know I was loaded into a car and the car was moving. It stopped and the dots rolled me into this large building. I was still feeling cold, and my eyes and head hurt.

After stopping in a room with very bright lights, they jumped all over on my clothes. They started stripping off my clothes and putting a strange gown on me. The dots started beeping like mad. I heard my voice. I was groaning. Oh my head hurt.

Wait this isn't my home. I was in a hospital. I had been playing baseball, and something happened. A large dot with a white coat on came in the room: oh that's a doctor. He told me that I had been hit while playing baseball. It seemed I had a concussion. I had been pitching. The batter hit the ball, and it came right at me. It hit me right above the left eye.

When the pain really hit me, I wished I could see the orange dots again. I knew I had been hallucinating. Next time I must remember to duck.

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