Sept. 18 2012
My dream

I had the strangest dream last night. It so got my attention that I wondered how it would end. I was entering the bus, and I realized I didn't have my eye glasses with me. I repeatedly asked the driver to stop and let me run back into the house. Of course he refused. A moment or so later a friend of mine offered to get off the bus, run to my house, get my glasses and bring them to the bus for me. Then my alarm went off. I know the dream means I'm stressed taking the bus all of the time back and forth to work. It's so much fun. I wonder how the dream would have ended. Hummm...

As I mentioned, I was rushing out the door to get on the bus. As usual I was hurrying. I try to get a little bit of cleaning done in the morning. I hate having to come home and do "chores."

In my haste to get make it to the bus stop on time, I forgot my glasses. I didn't realize it until the moment I stepped on the bus. I pleaded with the bus driver to stop and let me run into my house to get my glasses. Of course he refused. And I suppose rightly so. He had a schedule to keep and other passengers who wanted to get to their destinations.

I felt more and more frustrated as the moments flew by and the bus continued down the street. A big frown crowded my face. How was I going to get through the day.

My friend came up to me with a huge smile across her face. "I have an idea," she said. Let me go to your house and get your glasses for you." My eyes were like little slats (being puzzled and things were getting fuzzy as my eyes got tired) I thought how are you going to do that. The bus is two miles away from my house by now.

Enter a man who I had seen in the bus often. The strange thing was he always kept his left hand in his pocket. I always wondered why. His lips were tight together as if he never intended to speak a word.

"See that man over there, the one with his left hand in his pocket?" said my friend with eyes glowing as if they would glow in the dark. "Yes" "He has some magic dust in his pocket. That's why he always keeps his left hand in his pocket." I picked my chin up off the floor: my eyes were about to roll out of their sockets. "No really. I've seen him use it before."

Suddenly thunder and lightning started. The sky had been cloudless and blue five minutes before. The thunder seemed almost ear splitting and the lightening came straight down like javelins being tossed straight at the bus.

The man with his left hand in his pocket turned to my friend and with a whisper told my friend to hurry, run and get my glasses from my house. "I will hold the bus here with thunder and lightening until you return." My friend excused herself and in a quick but somewhat robotic fashion got off the bus and headed to my house. Everyone on the bus stared straight ahead frozen as if time was standing still. The hands of the bus driver were wrapped tight around the steering wheel. Cars whizzed by not even noticing us. It was as if we were invisible.

The next instant I felt something wet and sloppy on my cheek. My glasses were hanging from my right ear. "Fido" I said "get your wet doggy tongue off of my face." As I become fully awake I realized where I was. Fido had decided to join me on my bed. Well, at least I knew where my glasses were.

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