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Author: Beulah Sherin Ponmalar

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About Me: hi...tis is sherin. i would like to share some words with the world about my almighty and his teachings

Articles by Beulah Sherin Ponmalar:
  • Continual Motivation (One of the Important Need in Our Christian Life) ( 2132 reads)   

    Learn to be a winner, make use of all your strength to accomplish the vision,and when you have achieved it, you will understand you have only taken the first step on the ladder to success. - Category: Religion
  • Our Friendship With God ( 2589 reads)   

    Draw close to god,and god will draw close to you. JAMES 4:8. We are close to god as we choose to be. It wont happen by accident. It takes time,desire,and energy. - Category: Religion
  • ITS TIME TO SAY YES FOR YES AND NO FOR NO ( 2193 reads)   

    when somebody invites us, there is an reason behind it....but many of us lead an aimless life without knowing the purpose... today sins, politics, associations,births,deaths etc are multiplying. but is our relation with JESUS increasing proportionality?and lets see the reasons for what we are called for. - Category: Religion

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