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Author: Ayushman Basu

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City: Gurgaon | State: Haryana

About Me: Political Science student from Delhi University with an absorption towards writing. Hobbies are playing the guitar and music, and socializing.

Articles by Ayushman Basu:
  • No Place Like Home ( 1913 reads)   

    This is my realization that there is no place like home... I am a product of Kolkata. From my childhood I have inculcated values and virtues according to the social entourage in which I was born. - Category: Others
  • There is a Politician in All of Us ( 2038 reads)   

    This is just my personal opinion on how we are influenced by the political atmosphere surrounding us and that politics is not only being played in the higher authority but is a factor in every household. Read on. - Category: Others
  • Caught Offside - Life Outside the Football ( 2356 reads)   

    I absolutely adore this game, so I am actually extra enthusiastic to be writing a piece related to my revered frolic which is Football. - Category: Sports
  • The Invisible Wall. ( 1904 reads)   

    In this life, which is going abnormally fast especially after I entered the seminary there are many aspects of life which I am now witnessing. This just my view about life which lies outside the school gates and how nowadays to achieve something in life, dreams are not enough. - Category: Others

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