I absolutely adore this game, so I am actually extra enthusiastic to be writing a piece related to my revered frolic which is Football.

Usually when one commences to write about any kind of sport, he or she focuses more on what is going on inside the four walls of a stadium. Well to be honest, talking from a personal level I myself is also more interested about the players performances rather than indulging and then judging an athlete based on his personal life. So when I started to think about what to write about my beloved sport, I chose this time, to bull's eye an aspect which is not really penned down to a large extent.
Presently in the current scenario, the personal life of the jocks has gained more preference rather than what they are performing in the game. We have so many examples starting from the Chelsea captain John Terry affair (I am a hardcore supporter of the Blues), to the innumerable brawls in the pubs etc. Now the point where I get bewildered when I read such news is that sometimes I really find it hard to believe that players of such stature can really get involved in such embarrassing situations and incidents. Young lads look up to such persons and think one day they will be in that place where they are now, but when they witness such news, just think of how their belief and aspirations are be dented.

This behavior from the ones who are looked up to is due to one reason which I personally think is true, that is, as they spend most of their time with ball on their feet and with the glamour and stardom on their fingertips, they obliterate the fact that they have a life outside their respective clubs and country stadiums. They forget that, in that outside life they are not recognized by their jerseys but for who they really are. This is one standpoint of football (generally happens in all sports, but here referring specifically to soccer) which I detest. When a player reaches a particular position in his life where he is being seen as a role model by others, he should not wipe out the this fact from his mind that is, he is not only responsible to his team as a player but also responsible to the society. And also on the other hand, such instances outside the field drastically affects his performance inside the ground. Yes, I do understand this same setting when it happens with the younger jocks. A sudden shot to glory, money and whatever comes along with it, sometimes does make a person do what he isn't supposed to, but with the more experienced fellows there isn't any excuse.

Football as I see and perceive, it is God's game. It is a game which unites people of different countries all over the world. And when I see that the mainframe people who are affiliated with God's game involved in such incidents of shame and dishonor, I feel its a disgrace to the game and to all the players who were and are linked to this game in one way or the other. So to all the players who are and have been "CAUGHT OFFSIDE', we look up to you, please don't give us reasons why we should not. Amen.

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