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Author: Ashok Kumar

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City: Madurai | State: Tamilnadu

About Me: "I love love, I love being in love, I don't care what it does to me"

Articles by Ashok Kumar:
  • THE MAN WHO DIED HUGGING HIS PILLOW - Chapter One ( 1953 reads)   

    Please forgive me as I was unable to post the complete chapter due to site's length restrictions. - Category: Writing
  • THE MAN WHO DIED HUGGING HIS PILLOW - Introduction and Chapter One ( 2256 reads)   

    Hi friends, I am a person who writes for self satisfaction and also for other people who creatively experiment their only life to live to the fullest. This story is a creative work and not personal so I will need time to write. I will publish it one chapter every week. Easy English. Continue reading and hope you like it. NOT FOR KIDS! Please leave your comments and suggestions if you liked it. - Category: Writing
  • My Love Story ( 3791 reads)   

    Love exaggerates happiness and sorrow.. An exaggeration is considered to be a kind of a lie. A lie becomes beautiful, only in love. - Category: Writing

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