It all started in the middle of nowhere in life
NO WHERE, I have to say...
Because till that moment of Love
I never existed, except in records...
She came somewhere from a highest summit
In the heaven, I could imagine
Life just started without any notice
Yeah, Angels have powers to make changes
As I would say so!
My only friend Darkness who used to be with me
Filling my mind and my world black during nights,
Got brighter and said SHE is the one..!
A New world appeared before me
Friends were fragrant flowers and chirping birds
Enemies were her distance and her silence
Of mornings filled with whistling breeze
And Evening full of music and harmony
I explored a new world in dreams and reality

My search was LOVE and it gave answers for everything in existence
But I couldn't find what's all is in Love
Love indeed is everything...

Everything was fine, until

One day when I got up, it was dark again
Well, I mean the day, dark day it was...

There was this word "Ecstasy" taken out
From my dictionary of love and life
So were the words peace, happiness and so on
All such positive words and energy left me...

Then I found, SHE HAS LEFT
Left me more than leaving in a lurch,
I was mute and so was the world around me
Silent... But that didn't guarantee peace

Shattered dreams, I could see thorns more than roses
Nights were long and dark again
And the future was dark
Darkness is death...
More than death is the fear of losing love
Death could be seen a dozen times
This is worse than the death itself

Truth is love never fails,
It's just a wrong perception, when we fail...

Then there is hope
As they say, Hope is a great thing
Hope keeps you occupied

I could only hope

Of being resurrected, of seeing her again
Of rainbows, butterflies, or even flowers with wings
Of being loved, born again to be with her

I just hoped...

Hoped for a dawn to break my darkness...
To stop the tears that filled my eyes but doesn't come out

I hoped all my life, living in her thoughts, of a day,
Looking deep into her eyes again
Holding her hands...

Hope and Love made me live...

But for a moment if I think I cant make it...
I wouldn't make it...


Dread not DEAD!

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