Why did this man die hugging his pillow? If that is what your question is, the next thing is to know more of this man.

Have you ever felt like you do not like to live and you cannot die?
Have you loved someone more than yourself and you lost them?
Do you have any unspeakable secret buried so deep inside you?
Do you have any irreversible regrets?
Have you ever thought why some hard working people earn very less, being unable to support their family and on the other hand why some other people are making millions every day?
Is there an unfulfilled dream?

Depending on your age and experience, you have different questions and things running in your mind. But this man, he had just one thing that kept him running through all the challenges, keeping him alive, busy and fulfilling his destiny.


Yes it is a love story.

They say life is one fine accident that occurred in the universe. Being human, the best way one could feel so much alive is when we fall in love. And when we fall in love, our happiness exaggerates out of the world and out of words.
This story moves in different point of views. Let's travel in the path of love.

Chapter one I AM AWAKENED

"Love is the silent ocean where the storms awake from their sleep."

Honestly, I do not remember when the first time I saw her was. I have seen her a thousand times before falling in love. She lives with her family in a street nearby. Her name is Riya. It's obvious to know her name as I have seen her walking through our street to the bus stop. I have seen her buying groceries in the petty shops. She spends more time in the library. Her photo came up in a daily as a School topper. I have seen her the most while I go jogging early in the morning. Her home is just near the park. She would be accompanying her mom for the rangoli. I never felt something special about her. Her clothes were simple, mostly dull colors. She carries a big handbag and walks without noticing anyone on the street on her way to college. I have seen her younger brother yelling her name while we were playing cricket in the street and she went without noticing him. I have no idea if she was being stubborn or did not hear him.

She was just a normal girl wearing big spectacles.

She is definitely not my type as I have always been a social butterfly and she is some bird in a cage. Most of my friends were girls and they were much modern, stylish and friendly just like me. And some girls are much more than that. They would come in the night and just leave in the morning. But this girl robbed my heart which I have never imagined or expected to happen. Until that moment, I never thought I had a heart. And it happened to me like a lightning leaving someone blind.

Who am I? "AMAR" as friends' call me instead of "Amaran". The best things my friends like about me are
1. I can exhale smoke in a perfect heart shape. Being a chain smoker, I have practiced this to perfection.
2. The money I spend for them to booze and party.
3. The branded clothes I wear and the luxuries I enjoy.
4. The stunts that I do on my Ducati. Yeah I have a sport bike and a luxury car.
5. My rage. The way I fight with guys bigger than me.
6. Above all, they liked the way girls fall for me. Sometimes my BMW cannot hold enough.

Most of my friends want to be me. They thought I am celebrating my life more than anyone. To them, I am someone who has everything in life.

To me, I know I am a spoiled brat who never had a life. If I had a life, I have always felt that I am living my life in hell. I know what hell is. Hell is a place where you will be given everything you want except for one thing, Love. I have never been loved nor have I loved someone. I don't trust anyone. Not even my friends. I know why they are hanging out with me. I have learned more lessons trusting people and never found anyone trust-worthy. My friends have no clue what is inside me. To them, I am a cool guy partying, having fun all life and can never cry.

I do cry rarely. I cry when I think I can't remember my mom's face. My mom died hanging herself when I was little. She took care of me being alone after my dad left her and settled in London. He is a billionaire. He does have another family there. He sends money and so I get whatever I want. I am just a mistake in his life and he is just paying for it. He never spoke to me and I don't speak to him. I have a guardian who manages all this. I get up, eat when I was hungry, chill out with my friends in clubs or cinemas and bring a beautiful girl home when my desires needed refreshment. I never dreamed of a future. Whenever I cry, I used to think that my life is some kind of meaningless joke. I don't like to live and I just cannot die. Until the moment I fall in love, I thought everything starts and ends in idiocy. I could not figure out any better reason for anything that happens in my life. And she comes into my life and makes it significant, adding more meaning to it.

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