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About Me: My name is Md Anas Khan and i am a writer. I have completed my gradation from Cambridge university

Articles by Anas Khan:
  • The Facts and Advantages of Surrogacy in India ( 2861 reads)   

    Surrogacy is very popular procedure among tourist visiting India for medical tourism. The cost of Surrogacy in India is very less as compared to cost in US and UK. it is far more reasonable to pay a surrogate, all of her medical care, and living expenses in India than in many other countries. Moreover it is legal and nowadays surrogate mothers are available effortlessly in India. - Category: Health
  • Square Four Or Square One - Lokpal ( 2421 reads)   

    The huge national performance of the largest running theatrical show is nearing its finish. But then as usual there is always the final twist right towards the end. And before the twist, are the set of scenes that are most predictable. But what I am referring to with the theatrical show is the Anna fasting. - Category: Politics
  • Jan Lokpal Bill: Has Anna Hazare Really Won? ( 2464 reads)   

    Victory, especially when it comes after a long, hard and unequal struggle, can taste very sweet. The fact that the Anna Hazare-led movement against corruption has forced the Parliament to agree to key elements from its draft of the Jan Lokpal Bill is an extremely significant one and can potentially mark a turning point in the manner in which democracy is practised in India. - Category: Politics
  • Rahul Thanks Anna Hazare on Lokpal Bill But Warns of Dangerous Precedent ( 2719 reads)   

    As the government searches for a solution that will persuade Anna Hazare to end his hunger strike, it played its ace on Friday. Rahul Gandhi chose Zero Hour in the Lok Sabha to break his silence on the Lokpal Bill - thanking Anna for articulating the sentiments of the poor on the issue of corruption, but also warning that democratic processes could not be undermined. - Category: Politics
  • Anti-corruption Leader Anna Hazare Cannot Yet Be Compared to Gandhi ( 2770 reads)   

    The anti-corruption movement that Anna Hazare and his associates have launched rocked the establishment in Delhi to its foundations; but it is utterly hyperbolic to describe this movement as a second independence movement and to liken Hazare to Gandhi. - Category: Politics
  • Arundhati Roy Blasts Anti-corruption Saint Anna Hazare ( 2558 reads)   

    Booker prize-winning author Arundhati Roy launched a scathing attack on Monday on the 'aggressive nationalism' behind the anti-corruption drive led by hunger-striking campaigner Anna Hazare. - Category: Politics
  • Anna Hazare's Victory - The Constitution's Defeat ( 2294 reads)   

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 'the Mahatma' - the father of the nation, delivered India independence on August 15, 1947. Immediately thereafter Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, 'Chacha' and his progeny Indira Gandhi, the daughter and eventually her son, the grandson Rajiv Gandhi finally took over the reigns of the Govt. - Category: Politics

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