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  • King James Onlyism ( 3009 reads)   

    An article that reviews the claims made by King James Only advocates and refutes them. - Category: Religion
  • The Rapture - What is it and when will it occur? ( 2779 reads)   

    What is the rapture and when do people think it will occur? What are Bible passages telling us? Let's take a close look at the first one. Jesus will come out of heaven into the clouds. - Category: Religion
  • Time and Life ( 2613 reads)   

    Do not worry about death but worry about the unlived life- Tuck Everlasting - Category: Religion
  • December 21, 2012 - End of the world? ( 2639 reads)   

    The date 2012 is becoming more popular around the globe as the date approaches. What can we expect when the clock strikes December 21,2012? Here is what scientists and civilizations forsee occuring in 2012. - Category: Others
  • The End Times Apostate Church ( 3707 reads)   

    This article explains the times that we are currently living in. - Category: Religion
  • How to Interpret the Bible ( 2858 reads)   

    Too many people have trouble interpreting the bible. This should not be. With a literal interpretation, the bible will be a lot easier to read. - Category: Religion

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