It is often found that at the start of any relationship, one is very enthusiastic, keen and filled with a zeal of optimism. But as time moves on , only those relations stay, which are built on trust, mutual understanding, love and true intentions.

It is nothing but common to face problems in the course of a relationship. But it is how we deal with them that decides the future.

One mistake that people generally make is that they have high expectations of the other person, which if unfulfilled will lead to depression, and conflicts. Therefore the best solution to this problem is not to have any kind of expectations of the other person, irrespective of who it is. in doing so , one finds immense joy even in the small acts of kindness and care.

Another way of improving relations is to always do your bit. that is , no matter how the other person treats you, one should always be good and remain friendly . This will definitely, increase the respect the other person has for you and will leave a lasting impression on his/her mind.

One policy to be always kept in mind is that 'Treat others the way you want to be treated'. If one treats others with love, care and respect , he/she is bound to receive the same . therefore, it establishes the fact that what goes round, comes around.

Therefore keeping these things in mind and applying them in daily life ,will lead to improvement in relationships , with family, friends and others and in effect, one will feel good about one's own self.

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