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About Me: Mathew Jazenko is CEO of MRJ Financial Solutions and is dedicated to improving your bottom line. Questions/comments can be sent to or visit us at

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  • There's a Way Out of Your Debt Problems ( 2360 reads)   

    Facing a mountain of debt? Don't know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? There is a way out and its a simple process. There is no need to get down and you can get rid of those collection calls at the same time. Stay away from all debt if possible and if not keep it small. Here's how to do it. - Category: Finance
  • Household Debt Now at Record Levels ( 2456 reads)   

    A recent study by the Certified General Accountants of Canada says that Canadian household debt is at record levels. Most of that debt the report goes on to say is for consumption and not for assets like housing, investments. 58% of respondents indicated that their debt is caused by daily living expenses. As an individual you can change your financial picture and not be part of the statistics - Category: Finance
  • Why You Shouldn't Rely on CPP to be There When You Retire ( 3164 reads)   

    It used to be that age 65 is when a person typically retired, but with the boomer tsunami that will occur there will be increase in demand for CPP. In the last few years the annual CPP contribution rate has gone from 4.9% in 1995 to 6.17% in 2010 a projected 10.46% in 2030. There also rumours that the retirement age will be raised and possibly reduced benefits. - Category: Finance
  • Do You Have Enough For Retirement? ( 3225 reads)   

    Yes you can rely on the government to help you in your golden years with: higher taxes, reduced benefits and higher user fees. Don't be like those seniors that live off eating dog food! Start looking at your retirement plan now as age 65 will come around like a tornado and very fast too. Here is what you should be doing now. - Category: Finance
  • Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying Your First House ( 2840 reads)   

    Don't rely on your real estate agent to tell you everything wrong with the house. Your real estate agent although required by law to look after your best interest, has a vested interest in helping you buy the house. I have inspected hundreds of houses and have truly seen it all. I am going to point out what you the purchaser should look for to protect yourself from some expensive repairs. - Category: Real Estate
  • How to Purchase Investment Properties Without Getting Ripped Off ( 3245 reads)   

    Thinking of buying that investment property with that fantastic rate of return? There are a few things you should look for before signing that bottom line. Just don't rely on the seller to tell you everything you need to know about the property before its too late. - Category: Real Estate
  • Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying Your First House (Part II) ( 2373 reads)   

    You've found the house of your dreams and are ready to plunk down your hard earned money. But wait what's that lurking beyond the nice paint job or new floor finishes? What's with the open panel fuse box? The house smells of a faint sewer gas odour, should you buy the house and hope it will just 'go away'? - Category: Real Estate
  • Send the Kids Back to School Without Breaking the Bank ( 2359 reads)   

    Save money this back to school season by buying used instead of new. Purchasing used can save you the parent a lot of money. There is nothing wrong with buying new, however you would be smart to copy what rich people already do. Purchase clothes, computers, text books used and save tons of money. Here are some of the places you can get good deals by buying used. - Category: Finance
  • Commissioned Emloyees May Be Paying Too Much Income Tax ( 2686 reads)   

    Commissioned employees who sell goods or negotiate contracts on behalf of an employer have a range of tax deductions available to them if the expenses are necessary for the carrying out their duties. However, the commissioned employee must meet several conditions in order to qualify for the deductions. Deductions must be reasonable and relate to your business. - Category: Finance
  • Wanna Save Money on Your Mortgage? ( 3598 reads)   

    Wanna save money? Of course you do. Wanna save money on your mortgage? Wanna give it to the banks? If you budget carefully and follow the 10 steps outlined you will be saving more money than you have ever dreamed. Your mortgage will be paid off faster, less money will be earned by your bank and best of all, your bank will hate your guts for doing these 10 steps. You will become the talk of the neighbourhood. Find out what mortgage lenders don't want you to know. I have taught this to hundreds of people and everyone of them have thanked me personally for teaching them these important steps. - Category: Finance
  • Which Ownership Structure is Right For You? ( 2551 reads)   

    What type of ownership structure for my business is right for me? There are three types of ownership: sole proprietor, partnership, corporation. Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of business one is operating. Sole proprietors are easy to set up and shut down, partnerships are slightly more complicated as each party must identify their duties and roles within the company. Corporations are the most difficult to set up but offer the benefit of limited liability. - Category: Finance
  • Capital Gains Can Be a Taxing Proposition ( 2784 reads)   

    Capital gains can be a very unwelcome taxing problem. Capital gains are a tax on the difference between what you pay for something like a second house or cottage and what you sell it for. But what if you don't sell it but pass it on to your heirs? Then what will happen is the tax man will come knocking on your door with his hand stretched out looking for money. YOUR money that YOU owe him when the property passes to your heirs. The result is a huge tax bill and if your heirs don't have it, then the property is put up for sale to satisfy the taxman. However, Mathew Jazenko of MRJ Financial Solutions, a Newmarket, Ontario, Canada based financial services company says you can avoid all that if you follow the following steps. - Category: Finance
  • Are Moving Expenses Tax Deductable? ( 2916 reads)   

    According to Canada Revenue Agency you can if you meet certain criteria and are subject to a daily dollar limit. Keep all your receipts in case of audit including food, lodging, cost of moving truck, movers, cost of terminating a lease early, cost of looking for a new place of residence. - Category: Finance

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