Facing a huge mountain of debt? Don't know where to start? There is no need to feel overwhelmed because it is not nearly as big as it first looks. Is there a way out of this mountain of debt? Yes there is and the process is relatively simple.

Start with the smallest debt first. When you start with the smallest mountain first, it gives you a lift and a sense of accomplishment. Then when that mountain is finished your ready to take on the next bigger mountain of debt.

Take Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, who have been married for 10 years came to me with a huge mountain of debt. We started off by tackling the smallest debt first, which was their cell phone bills. This was an astounding $200 and climbing. They managed to get this mountain of debt down by looking at the cell phone package they had and started looking at other less expensive packages from their current provider. They then decided upon a more economical talk and text plan then what they were currently paying. Now they are saving about $10 per month on their cell phone bills, which doesn't seem like much but it all adds up.

If your a student and are thinking about post-secondary education do some research first on your chosen occupation and see if the demand is fair or good. If the demand is fair, look for another occupation where the demand is good. As always, do what you enjoy, as getting out of bed in the morning is half the battle. There is no point in studying something your not really interested in as it can be very hard studying something you don't enjoy. If your not sure, why not take a year off and find out what you really enjoy. Sometimes the right career can be something you just stumble upon.

Stay away from student loans if at all possible. Remember its a loan not free money and it does have to be paid back. Even if you declare bankruptcy, it still doesn't clear you of your responsibility to pay back the loan. Make sure you borrow only the amount of money you need, not what you want. Every dollar above and beyond what you need will cost you a lot. Although interest rates are low right now, they won't stay that way forever and will eventually 'creep up' back to more 'normal' levels of around 8 to 10%.

Shun all debt if at all possible and if you need debt then make sure its small enough to pay back. Too many consumers and students think I can afford the low monthly payments. Don't be fooled by this as the low rates that are given out. These are often 'teaser' rates to keep you the borrower locked in and will end up costing you money instead of saving it.

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Mathew is President of MRJ Financial Solutions and is dedicated to improving YOUR bottom line. You can contact him at: mjazenko@yahoo.ca or visit http://mrjfinancialsolutions.ca