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  • The Issue on Hearing Loss on Children ( 2242 reads)   

    This 5 year old boy lives in a world that is filled with silence. With that the boy cannot hear what his parents are saying. - Category: Health
  • Why Hearing Aids End Up in Dresser Drawers ( 3101 reads)   

    From what was said by a local audiologist, people hard of hearing keep hearing aids in their dresser drawers because they see these as devices that could improve their condition. Vision defects are corrected with the lens used in glasses, whereas another process applies to an aid. - Category: Health
  • Hearing Loss due to Constant Exposure to Noise ( 2946 reads)   

    Last week we began a two part series on noise pollution and hearing loss. This is the third pollution problem being seen by most people nowadays. - Category: Health
  • Protection For Hearing Aid Consumers ( 2183 reads)   

    When purchasing hearing aids consumers may become victims to certain pitfalls if they are not familiar with how to shop for these devices, and so the government is working to remove as much of these pitfalls as possible. Dealers of hearing aids are being asked by the Federal Trade Commission to provide their consumers with 30 day money back guarantees, especially after they have recorded a massive 14 1/2 million cases of hearing impairments in America including about half a million units of hearing aids being sold every year. - Category: Health

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