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About Me: myself, doing my (food technology final year in college of food and dairy technology).comin under veterinary university.and i am so passionate on foods.

Articles by divya s:
  • Importance Of Human Breast Milk ( 3694 reads)   

    Breast milk rich in oligo-saccharides act as a source of commensal and probiotic bacteria which seems to play an important role in gut colonization and modulation of the infant gut which allow the growth of bifidobacterium and lactobacillus.the oilgosaccharide present in milk has various positive effect on the human system and preventing the neonates from the pathogenic microorganism. - Category: Food
  • Encapsulation Technology in Food ( 5926 reads)   

    Encapsulation technology is applied in many industries, including food, medicines, fragrance and scratch-n-sniff products. This article will tell you a clear idea about the use of encapsulation technology in food and its application. It actually act as one of the preservation techniques by protecting the core material using a suitable encapsulate or coating material and finally different techniques are used for the stabilization of the core material. Mechanism of core material release and techniques were explained. - Category: Technology

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