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  • Don't Indulge Yourself Into the Mistake of Manlihood. ( 1682 reads)   

    Behind every successful man, there is a woman. It still stands true but it no longer means that you should keep them always behind you. How a man boast and perceive his manliness to be? The present state of Indian so-called culture and it's law-makers, not the politicians but the society. This country is considered to be the largest democratic country but I would say it's a democracy which has a disclaimer, *conditions apply. - Category: NoAd
  • A Pinch of Sorrow in the Dinner of Life. ( 3234 reads)   

    Happiness and sorrows are always the building blocks of a life. We all look out for happiness all the time. But have we ever imagined how life would have been without sorrows? Would happiness have ever existed? Emotions are always stronger when we are sad than we are happy. Emotions are always the reason for any kind of relationship. A relationship stand or strain because of the emotions. - Category: Relationships

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