From the moment we cuddle in our mothers' womb relationships are built. We name it the way we name the Gods and Goddesses. Some we do follow, pray and worship. Some we just don't remember or ignore. A relationship is either built through blood or emotions. We build relationships, we break relationships. Happiness and sorrows are the part and parcel of relationships. We always search and try to retain happiness in a relationship, it's also most preferred.

A toddler finds happiness in his mother's lap. A juvenile enjoys amongst his friends and a high school flame. An adult is satiated if his bank account speaks for him. A middle aged man always wishes his family to be happy and feels satisfied with them. An old man needs a peaceful life with someone to caress him and respond to his quench.

What if everyone had been happy and satisfied in their lives? Will there ever existed the emotion of happiness? How life would have been? Can it have the flavour of a simple happiness after a tremendous amount of breakdowns and sorrows? It's also true that so many pain in life would make us miserable and insane but without some sorrows, happiness would have never been happiness.

Just like every beautiful dish needs a pinch of salt to add the flavour, a relationship needs certain phases of sorrow to live the existing happiness extensively. Sometimes, it feels good and pleases us to remember those sorrowful days. To reminisce the moments of losing someone from life or a relationship, to recollect the unfulfilled desires and dreams, regrets and its repercussions. It gives some pleasure to our sad side of heart and the strong emotions of eyes.

Thus, never get disheartened for any sorrowful phase of your life, it is rather to enhance the ecstatic level of your happiness that would enter in your life. Amidst the crowd of happiness and in the dinner of joy, if we have a wonderful tear down the cheeks, it would make the dinner of life complete.
All we need is just a pinch of sorrow for a delightful relationship.

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