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Author: biman das

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City: Bangalore | State: Karnataka

About Me: I write for cause, for a social change

Articles by biman das:
  • Phasmophobia - Fear of ghost ( 2101 reads)   

    Phasmophobia means fear of ghost. I never really cared about such a topic which includes ghosts. I mean it's illogical to discuss or research about something which doesn't exist or exists in dark. - Category: Others
  • I am a Fan of My Dad's Hero ( 3829 reads)   

    A life changing moment of my life. 5th November 2011 was the day which I will never forget for rest of my life, the day, when Bhupen Da left this material world to stay with us forever. News started pouring in from everywhere, news channels, face book etc. I still remember the numerous phone calls my dad was attending that day from his friends. - Category: Relationships
  • Being South Indian - By a North East Indian ( 3040 reads)   

    Karnataka is one of the four south India states Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. People from all over India reside in these places for better life style. Due to various cultures and difference in language, some people takes time to adjust and few even complain. Well! This is my part of the story; this is my journey towards representing it in a better way. - Category: Others

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