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  • Regular Fluoride Intake While Young Prevents Up to 65% of Tooth Decay ( 1986 reads)   

    The American dental association estimates a decrease of as much as $100 million dollars in the dental health bills of the United States if water fluoridation is to be done. And this well may be on the way. - Category: Health
  • Having a Travel Insurance Means You're All Set to Go ( 2007 reads)   

    Some things may not go according to plan while you're not around, and not enough thought is usually given by the vacationers. Not all vacation trips begin and end perfectly. - Category: Travel
  • Europe Travelers Must Have This Book ( 2145 reads)   

    If you simply cannot wait to have a trip around Europe without breaking the bank, or perhaps you need to know where the latest happenings are in places such as London, Rome, Budapest, Moscow, Belgrade or even Paris, then you must hold on to a new issue produced by Harvard students these days ? a comprehensive guide to Europe! A paperback in dashing blue with 320 pages is brimming with intelligence that other travel guides don?t have. - Category: Travel

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