Some things may not go according to plan while you're not around, and not enough thought is usually given by the vacationers. Not every trip is free from difficulties in the onset up to the final stretch. Ask the people who were present when a strong hurricane struck Cancun and Cozumel, Mexico, and Jamaica! The perfect vacation is unattainable, but tourists can be insured against certain misfortune by purchasing travel insurance. When you get home and protest that you wasted time on your vacation, no company will offer travel insurance coverage that will give full refund or another vacation.

If, however, your luggage is stolen or if you get ill or if you have to spend some extra time at your destination and you've purchased travel insurance in advance you could receive some money. There is only one travel insurance company that pays travelers if it rains and the president said that the only time when people want to purchase travel insurance policy is when they are in the midst of a hurricane.

When it rains, you will not get soaked in travelling with a rain cheque policy. The least measurable amount of rain is one hundredth of an inch, it will then be called a rainy day. Four days of your seven day trip should be raining about this much between 9am to 4pm to receive the payment of an insurance claim.

What is the price of this coverage? Going on a trip to Cancun, Mexico, from November to March the least rate is 5 percent of the vacation cost. The cost of coverage goes up to 18 percent of the vacation price if you journey to Cancun in June or September. It is highly recommended to avoid contacting the insurance corporation when you have ideas of touring famous wet spots like Seattle, Washington or Tahiti. Rain insurance is not effective to all places there are certain areas that have too much wet season.

More traditional travel insurance are being bought by more than a few tourists like travel delay coverage and as well as having an umbrella present at most of the time. For instance, majority of the tourists prolonged their stay in Jamaica when a storm struck and caused the airports to close. They will be provided $300 to $500 for lodging, food and transportation if they bought travel delay insurance in advance which is sold only by this agency.

In whatever condition your suitcase maybe, even misplaced snatched or ruined, it is within the coverage of the suitcase insurance. Your hospital billings and transportation back home is insured by travel medical insurance in case you get sick. How much does this coverage cost? Much like going to Mexico with the whole family under the family plan which includes even children within the age of 25, the cost is about $48 for trip cancellation insurance and health coverage.

If you plan to vacation at a well known wet spot such as Seattle, Washington or Tahiti, don't call the insurance agency because rain insurance is not available to all destinations, some places are just too wet. Many travelers secure themselves with umbrellas and travel delay insurance, one of the traditional travel insurances. Such as, when the airport canceled the flights after hurricane Gilbert, many tourists prolonged their stay in Jamaica. They will be provided $300 to $500 for lodging, food and transportation when they secured themselves with travel delay insurance.

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