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Author: Sissi Xin

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Articles by Sissi Xin:
  • Hot Runner in Stack Mould ( 3840 reads)   

    When hot runner system cooperates with stack mould, people can exponentially improve production and realize efficient automation only with a slight increase in the cost of plastic mould. - Category: Technology
  • Five Reasons For Choosing Magnetic Plate ( 3490 reads)   

    In terms of mould clamping unit in the large plastic injection molding machine, magnetic plate gets more and more people's attention. Compared with hydraulic plate, what are the unique advantages of magnetic plate? This article makes a detailed analysis for you. - Category: Technology
  • What are the Types of Plastic Pallets ( 4102 reads)   

    What are plastic pallets? What are the advantages of plastic pallets when compared with wooden pallets and steel pallets and their types? - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Plastic Properties and Technics (PE) ( 4615 reads)   

    introduce the Plastic Properties and technics of PE, including the PE varieties, Physical properties of PE and Physical properties of PE. - Category: Technology

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