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Author: Sachin Babbar

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About Me: By profession I am an engineer and my love for writing inspired me to write articles here. My life is a journey and I want to share with all of you what I have learnt so far. I hope you will use it

Articles by Sachin Babbar:
  • Who is 'I' and What is 'I' ( 3395 reads)   

    Do we really know Who is I , when we say I talk , I eat , I walk..... - Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Power of Mind ( 3280 reads)   

    This article discuss about the greatest power in the world i.e, Mind. Matter is powerless , passive and inert , it is the mind only which controls and direct the matter. By controlling our mind we can control our furture - Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Universe is Alive and Responds to Your Feelings ( 3672 reads)   

    This article tells you about some facts of life , some facts of universe and how human is connected to the universe and how we can change our circumstances , conditions using our inner power. - Category: Education
  • The Power Within ( 3530 reads)   

    We all want to do to best , to have best and to be best and we all think that there is any external power to get what we want to be , do and have but I would like to inform you that all the power to get things we want is from within it within human body it is in human mind and it is in human soul and our only task to undersatnad this power develop this power and use this power for our betterself - Category: Education

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