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About Me: Writing has been always a passion for me. And when I got appreciation for some of my articles written for my office magazine, I pondered what better way than to use my skills for my creative satisfaction. You can reach me at

Articles by Pala Sen:
  • Tajpur-on-sea, Fun Unlimited ( 5129 reads)   

    Have you heard of Tajpur? If you are staying in West Bengal , India and looking for a quick weekend getaway where you can forget your worries and enjoy the sand and the sea, there is no better place than to be at Tajpur which is a mere 5 hours drive from Kolkata - Category: Travel
  • The Tagore Women - Kadambari Devi ( 17407 reads)   

    The Tagore family in Bengal has an impressive list of women who had possessed that rare mix of great beauty and brains. In this article we will discuss about Kadambari Devi who many regard as the Indian Nobel Laureate's muse. - Category: Women
  • The Race to Raisina Hills - The Forthcoming Presidential Elections ( 2233 reads)   

    With the presidential elections round the corner in India, the debate, apprehensions and the arguments are many. Does India need a political person or does she need an apolitical person as the 13th president of the Indian republic? - Category: Politics
  • Journey Towards Enlightenment - Story of an Unknown Bengali Woman ( 3220 reads)   

    This is a short story about a very ordinary middle class Bengali girl during the British Raj who became extraordinary through her own unique efforts. - Category: Women
  • The Global Recession - Impact on India and Indians (2008-2012) ( 2507 reads)   

    'Recession' is a much revered or should I rather say feared word all across the globe today. It is no longer restricted to the crash of the Wall Street in United States. - Category: Others
  • The Fame Tree ( 2257 reads)   

    Mr. Satyajit Ray as one of the finest film directors; the Indian Sub-continent has ever produced. The maestro is arguably the last titan of Bengal renaissance if I may say so and he had been a multifaceted personality. - Category: Others
  • 21st Century Men and Women in Urban India ( 3711 reads)   

    Men in urban India are going through a unique and complex phase. This is especially apt for the middle-class society in our country. Men in urban India want to be modern and broad-minded simultaneously. - Category: Men

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