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About Me: Experienced in writing within 15 years.Many experienced in teaching and working as examiner for local examinations.

Articles by Mohamad01 Mohamed02:
  • Weight Loss Surgery: Do You Really Need to Go Under the Knife? ( 2199 reads)   

    There are many factors to consider before you decide if weight loss surgery is right for you. To start with, you have to meet specific criteria in order to qualify for weight loss surgery. Some of the things your doctor will consider are mentioned in this article. - Category: Health
  • Gastric Bypass Vs. Lap-Band Surgery ( 3777 reads)   

    There are major differences between the two forms of weight loss surgery. Your doctor can help you decide which of the two, or if a combination of both, are better for your situation. In this article are some of the major differences. - Category: Health
  • Laparoscopic Surgery For Weight Loss ( 2274 reads)   

    Laparoscopic weight loss surgery is becoming more and more popular and is replacing open surgery as physicians become more experienced with the laparoscope procedure. - Category: Health

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