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Author: Lucy James

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About Me: P & A Software supplies flexible HR software covering personnel management, employee self service, time & attendance, recruitment management and training administration.

Articles by Lucy James:
  • Personnel Management Software ( 2593 reads)   

    The world of business is fast paced and more than ever, there is additional pressure to make ends meet and to come in on budget. We are in the middle of a global financial crisis and as such each and every part of the business practices we adopt, will need to be scrutinised and evaluated to ensure that they are relevant and important to the company. - Category: Others
  • HR Management Software ( 2211 reads)   

    As time goes by we will become more and more dependent on computer systems to get the job done; why? Well the simple fact is that the mundane tasks that need to be completed at speed are better off left to a dedicated system rather than to an employee whose mind can wander. - Category: Others
  • Employee Software Moving With the Times ( 2014 reads)   

    Moving with the times is essential in business and keeping up with all of the changes in ways of working and new business solutions can be exhausting. There is a need to be on top of your game at all times and this and only this will help you to succeed in the modern business world. - Category: Others
  • The Benefits of an Employee Self Service System ( 3020 reads)   

    In today's society, the importance of streamlining processes and ensuring time is used as efficiently as possible, is spreading like wildfire. It seems people's time is much more precious than ever before. The presence of employee self service systems is just one example of a time saving practice now being implemented. - Category: Others
  • Euphony Communications Choose the Personnel Management People Inc. ( 2978 reads)   

    Euphony Communications sells telephone services in the UK and Europe. With offices in England, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, the Czech Republic and Germany, the HR team needed a personnel management system that would provide remote access to a central database while being flexible enough to cater for the different needs of the individual offices. - Category: Technology

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