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Author: Kevin Rottweiler

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About Me: I am a dog & cat poet, and Christian inspirational writer. I have published 4 print books of animal poetry and some free online ebooks of poetry. I plan on becoming a pet groomer, and have worked with animals.

Articles by Kevin Rottweiler:
  • The Unconcious Mind in Working with Pit Bulls ( 3327 reads)   

    when working with Pit Bulls, one should train their unconscious mind - Category: Pets
  • Pit Bull Personalities ( 4389 reads)   

    Various personalities of the Pit Bull dog. After working with 5,000 dogs (many breeds) in 7 years, I was exposed to several hundred or more Pit Bull dogs! Here are some of the personality types I identified.. - Category: Pets
  • Becoming Comfortable With Pit Bull Dogs ( 3698 reads)   

    an article in how to become comfortable with Pit Bulls and ease your anxiety - Category: Pets
  • Pet Therapy in Alzheimer's Facilities ( 4076 reads)   

    I fell into Pet Therapy by accident while I was volunteering in an assisted living facility that had Alzheimer's care. This article reveals the good and bad about pet therapy in elder care facilities. - Category: Pets
  • Beginning a Pet Ministry ( 2979 reads)   

    A brief introduction in working as an Animal Chaplain or Pet Minister - Category: Pets
  • Working With Mouthy Dogs ( 2863 reads)   

    An article about working with mouthy dogs; grabbing, too-playful, tug-o-war dogs, non-aggressive biting, etc. and some solutions. - Category: Pets
  • Dust Masks Used in the Cat Kennel ( 3993 reads)   

    The article discusses the safety of working with cats and the use of dust masks for personal protective equipment. - Category: Pets
  • Becoming a Successful Pit Bull Volunteer ( 4793 reads)   

    The article stresses the importance of a gentle attitude and 'willing to learn' attitude when working with Pit Bull dogs, in a volunteer capacity. - Category: Pets

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