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Author: Jade Azim

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About Me: An enthusiastic writer currently studying A Levels. Ridiculously opinionated when it comes to politics.

Articles by Jade Azim:
  • The Debt Owed to Milennials ( 3074 reads)   

    Young people are often scapegoated. Is it justified? - Category: Politics
  • The Politics of A-Level Results Day ( 3761 reads)   

    Demonisation on a day that should belong to the students. Throughout A-Levels and the subsequent stress of revision and essay-writing, I have looked on at the Department for Education making firm decisions that, yes, the qualifications I have worked hard for are obsolete, and then I watch them take a U-turn, a characteristic that tends to plague this coalition, before deciding a whole different method on how to make A-Levels even more standardised - Category: Education
  • Auntie Beeb, You Let Us Down ( 3702 reads)   

    With the airing of We All Pay Your Benefits, the BBC demonised an entire sector of society...once again. - Category: Politics
  • Michael Gove's Attitude, From an Actual Student's Perspective ( 2263 reads)   

    We always here the opinions of indifferent politicians on the ills of UK education, but not the students. Well, this is what this student has to say about Michael Gove's latest 'reforms' - Category: Politics
  • What Lies Beneath UKIP's Rise? ( 3451 reads)   

    What's scarier, people making an uninformed vote for UKIP, or people knowing what they stand for and still voting for them? - Category: Politics
  • Open Letter to George Osborne and Chums ( 2543 reads)   

    How can a debate over the welfare state shift the blame to those most stricken? - Category: Politics
  • The Dinosaurs of Downing Street ( 2395 reads)   

    The Conservatives must adapt - or die. Last month, David Cameron faced the largest rebellion in his party's recent history over the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act. Despite his enthusiastic approach, more Conservative MPs voted against the bill than for it, by 139 to 132. - Category: Politics
  • BREAKING NEWS: Being Both Healthy and Free is Not Possible | Paul Ryan ( 2974 reads)   

    Paul Ryan, being an awesome person as usual .He has blamed Mr. Obama for failing to curb the deficit, wasting stimulus money to revive the U.S. economy during his first year in office and passing a new health-care law that should have no place in a free country - Category: Politics
  • The Star Spangled Bubble ( 2729 reads)   

    How perplexing must it be for an American to see how much attention others have on their country when they need not do the same? - Category: Politics
  • Why 'One Exam Board Only' is Destructive For Less-Privileged Children ( 3337 reads)   

    The sudden scrapping of optional exam boards will do nothing more than increase inequality. Micheal Gove recently announced the scrapping of GCSEs in favour of an English Baccalaureate Certificate under one exam board. - Category: Education
  • Your Fetus Matters More Than You ( 2103 reads)   

    The GOP's sheer abuse of women. As a young woman observing the presidency race from afar I feel conflicted. On one hand, I almost feel a sense of relief and amusement that British conservatism is ridiculously moderate in comparison with the dear old Republicans. - Category: Politics
  • Sexism and Sports ( 3698 reads)   

    Where society DOES define us. It is because social constructs have made you believe these women have no place in your sports, even if they ARE not as physically strong. - Category: Women
  • The Kindle Vs the Book: It Truly is a Superficial Argument ( 5419 reads)   

    Does the medium matter if the story itself is so grand that paper and pixels are only a vehicle for a revolutionary plot? - Category: Writing
  • Urban Regeneration? Where? ( 1968 reads)   

    With all the promise surrounding the Olympics this summer, do those living in the surrounding areas of this new centre of commerce fill the benefits? - Category: Politics

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