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Author: Harmony Schreiner

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City: Bennington | State: Nebraska

About Me: My style of writing is both random, and occasionally humorous. Either way, I like to write about what I know, or at least what I think I know, rather than trying to tackle things I've no idea about.

Articles by Harmony Schreiner:
  • Are Grammar Sticklers Really So Bad? ( 4619 reads)   

    People love to hate grammar perfectionists because grammar, supposedly, isn't everything. But are they really so wrong for expecting native English speakers to speak their language properly? - Category: Others
  • Why the 'Unemployment Crisis' Could Be a Government Conspiracy ( 2804 reads)   

    A lot of people have been unemployed for a very long time, and times are tough. But have you ever considered that things are the way that they are on purpose? This article looks closely at some reasons why the unemployment crisis might not be as random as it seems to be. - Category: Careers
  • The Five Degrees of LOL ( 3732 reads)   

    You may have noticed the many different ways people say 'lol,' or, you may not have. This article will shed some light on the subtle differences. - Category: Entertainment

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