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Author: Gitanjali Maria

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About Me: I'm a person who like writing and through this medium would like to contribute for the betterment of the society.

Articles by Gitanjali Maria:
  • Action Required on Governance, Developmental and Economic Issues of India ( 2250 reads)   

    The Indian government needs to put some energy into its activities and concentrate more on governance, developmental and economic issues rather than sleep over in the parliament or narrow-down focus just to one issue. A holistic and active role should be played by the government if it has to win back the confidence of the voters. - Category: Politics
  • MAN'S ENDURANCE For the Japanese People ( 3000 reads)   

    This is to show how many has the power to overcome challenges and obstacles thrown at him, especially considering the calamity that has struck Japan and the big task of rebuilding that lies before us now. - Category: Others
  • The Cry For Liberty! ( 2448 reads)   

    The uprising in Egypt is proof that people world over like to have liberal and democratic governments and no dictatorship can last forever. A change is always necessary and this is what autocratic governments and rulers around the world are afraid of. - Category: Issues

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