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Author: Drabir Ghosh

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About Me: My interest areas are, politics, society, economics, current issues, foreign policies and business issues.

Articles by Drabir Ghosh:
  • Education in Politics and Governance - Now a Reality ( 4580 reads)   

    A country like India which has a strong following in politics, lacks any basic educational centre which can cater to the needs of those aspiring to pursue politics as a career. Someone who doesn't belong to a political family, can hardly enter politics in the same manner in which someone from a political party does. The gift to the society in the form of School of Govt. was presented by MIT, Pune. - Category: Careers
  • Demarcating the Indian and the US Democracies - Part 2 ( 2376 reads)   

    Difference in US and Indian Electoral system. Another remarkable difference between the two democracies in their electoral process lies in the different ways of political campaigning, one such being the concept of debates. - Category: Politics
  • Demarcating the Indian and the US Democracies - Part 1 ( 2710 reads)   

    Major differences in the Indian and US election process, the way they select candidates to represent the respective parties, the way they campaign and different forms to lure voters. The amount of money spent in elections and how effective it is when it comes to gobbling up votes. - Category: Politics

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