Politics, along with Governance and Administration, form the very basic of any nation building. The formation and proper implementation of policies churn out a vibrant economy. Practice of Good Governance and Politics is indeed very essential to structure a strong, balanced and developed society.

In every state we find professionals from varied background coming through a process of rigorous training that makes their day to day affairs in practicing their professions meticulously, remarkably simple. Thanks to the emergence and proper establishment of different professional schools and colleges in the fields like medicine, law, engineering, architecture, journalism, management, fine arts etc. If someone wants to be a Doctor or a Lawyer, he has a plethora of choices and can structure a career in the same accordingly.

But what about those who aspire to become politicians or let's put it in a better way, Leaders practicing Good Governance and advocating strong and proper policies that help to shape a nation into a dynamic and prosperous economy. Do they have any such choices? Or their choices, interests and desires are often buried due to negligence of wide acceptability and improper channelising of anything in this regard. The only option left for them would be to search for a course on the same in the western world, which surely would give them a solid understanding of the theory but can never address the practical aspect of it which differs from society to society.

This lacuna in the society was spotted by Shri. Rahul Vishwanath Karad, a young and dynamic educationist who is known for his innovative approach towards education and society at large. He started a school for political leadership known as the School of Government, under the aegis of Maeer's Group of Institution, Maharashtra Institute of Technology which not only caters to the theoretical knowledge building which is required to pursue a career in politics, but also duly addresses the need for the practical knowledge and provides ample opportunities to learn the same.

This has definitely helped to carve a path for those aspiring to be in the field of politics or craving for a career in nation building. Politics has always been something which was looked down upon, when aspired by individuals with no political background as such, by their peers. Even eager and interested individuals found it difficult to enter into this profession because of the lack of knowledge for any institution or course that can give them a head start. It has more often than not been passed through generation after generation or through extensive participation through the student wings in different colleges of various political parties. But what about those who couldn't get any of these opportunities? Institutions like the MIT-School of Government surely show them a path. Institutions in the west have always offered courses in politics or public policy. Be it the erstwhile Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University or age old revered institutions like Oxford or Cambridge. Majority of the institutions offer courses with practical implications.

But our nation couldn't exactly deliver to the needs of those who aspire to read courses like these and join politics with rich knowledge. Apart from a few university courses which are strictly theoretical and hardly provide anyone a platform of solidarity to launch a career in politics, India is yet to furnish a program which is unbiased, free from any political ideologies which caters to the need of those willing and enthusiastic individuals aspiring for a political career.

The society certainly demands more institutions like the MIT-School of Government, and with time our nation will certainly see a positive response in this regard. Politics and the practice of it should be available to anyone and everyone who aspire to shape a career out of it. With rising population of youth and gaining interests in education and exploring different career paths, politics will certainly be one of the most demanded and aspired profession.

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