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Author: David Bush

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City: Oakland | State: CA

About Me: I am a 42 year old published writer of short stories, reviews, essays, and critiques. My work is mostly fiction or fictionalized stories based on my own experiences.

Articles by David Bush:
  • The Wandering Philosopher ( 2473 reads)   

    A little ditty about motivation. It's not a cooincidence that I went to a City College. I laid the groundwork early on in my life. I was a pretty good student in High School but I just did the minimum. - Category: Others
  • Life as a Garden: Thoughts Beyond Self ( 2484 reads)   

    A bit of philosophy, existentialism, and Zen with a salad thrown in for good measure! - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Days: Musings of Joy, Part Poetry, Part Prose ( 2582 reads)   

    A few paragraphs of poetry and prose that ponder nature as a metaphor for change. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Questions: A Commentary ( 2704 reads)   

    A commentary on the nature of life, death, and perhaps the answer to it all! - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Differences Between Communication Styles ( 3262 reads)   

    A humorous, short anecdote relating to the differences between communication styles. - Category: Entertainment

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