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Author: Bob Ticer

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About Me: I retired as a cannery worker at the end of 1999, became self-educated, wrote a book on physics, and I just wrote an article on political economics.

Articles by Bob Ticer:
  • Water World ( 3514 reads)   

    Water is most essential for countering climate change. - Category: Politics
  • A Big Bang Debate ( 3929 reads)   

    This is an argument in favor of Tired Light instead of Big Bang. Evidence now favors Tired Light and it also provides a viable explanation for the cause of gravity. - Category: Others
  • Explaining Unified Field Theory ( 1097 reads)   

    Einstein spent many of his years attempting to formulate a unified field theory. I believe the answer lies with more modification of Newton's theory of gravity in that sized is relative. - Category: Others
  • Capitalism and Social Unity Balance ( 2348 reads)   

    It is explained how a World Bank Funding and a Carbon Tax and Dividend, as combined policies, can contribute to reversing climate change in a prosperous manner. Carbon Tax and Dividend is consistent with a balanced budget in not increasing government. The World Bank Funding provides the capital for companies to invest in new technology that can reduce the pollution of the atmosphere. - Category: Others
  • For Big Bang and Tired Light ( 2224 reads)   

    Tired Light was dismissed because of a Tolman Brightness Test. However, further analysis shows that the test applying to Big Bang is nullified and the evidence of time actually favored the Tired Light interpretation. A new interpretation of Tired Light renders it mathematically equivalent in effect with Big Bang, such that together they can possibly unite as a more compete unified field theory. - Category: Others
  • Paradoxes of a Big Bang Explained ( 2297 reads)   

    There are questionable paradoxes with big bang theory with regard to an increased expansion rate, dark energy and so forth. These paradoxes are here explained as resolvable according to gravity explained as a vacuum effect in the wake of emitted gravitational radiation. - Category: Others
  • Laissez Faire Fairness ( 3115 reads)   

    The physiocrats who advocated laissez-faire economics of capitalism of least government influence are generally overlooked in preference of the work of Adam Smith. This article advocates that their agrarian philosophy of wealth is fundamentally correct. - Category: Politics
  • Gravity Cause Explained ( 2519 reads)   

    General relativity explains space-time curvature due to the presence of mass as the cause of gravity. A more detailed explanation as to how the presence of mass causes space-time curvature is here given. - Category: Others
  • Economic Climate Change ( 3321 reads)   

    This article is about an idea promoting a positive economic effect for climate change in addition to the carbon tax that has recently been claimed to ensure jobs and prosperity. - Category: Politics
  • The Relativity of Newtonian Gravity ( 3451 reads)   

    Apart from the mathematics, a theory of the universe for the unification of gravity and electrodynamics is given with regard to intricate details, as variables usually masked by the simplification of higher math. - Category: Others
  • The Science for Shooting Pool ( 3503 reads)   

    Physics seems to have no practical use for the common person. Its application to pool shooting illustrates otherwise. - Category: Sports
  • The Light Energy of Force ( 3088 reads)   

    The concept of energy has a long historical development. Newton intuitively referred to it as force. How force is a form of energy is here explained. How it provides a causal explanation of gravity is also explained. - Category: Others
  • Banking on the Government ( 2243 reads)   

    This article argues that climate change is a worldwide problem and that all nations can benefit economically in combating it by means of a world wide banking system insured by the United Nations as its governance. - Category: Politics
  • No Entropy and Climate Change ( 28256 reads)   

    The science of climate change is technical. This article provides a little more insight according to the second law of thermodynamics known as entropy. Possible solutions to climate change are also offered as one more individual effort to join the cause. - Category: Nature
  • The Love of Money For Playing the Game of Life ( 3365 reads)   

    There are two distinct aspects with regard to the value of money. One aspect is the value of money is only what it can be redeemed for. The other aspect is the utility and freedom of what money provides us for the choice of goods and services. This article further distinguishes these two aspects. - Category: Politics

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