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Author: Anuja Bhardwaj

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About Me: >BBA >MBA >CDM(Digital marketing) >Diploma in Nutrition & health education >Diploma in UN studies

Articles by Anuja Bhardwaj:
  • You Are What You Eat !! ( 2369 reads)   

    Women since ages have altered her looks by trying all kinds of beauty products available in the market. But have we ever though that rather than beautifying ourselves with chemicals, why can't we treat our skins naturally in order to keep all kinds of diseases at bay just by following few principles by heart?! - Category: Health
  • Why Companies Internationalize Their Products? ( 3026 reads)   

    In the generation of modernization and globalization, it has become a fad to wear imported clothes. But have we ever thought that why do companies internationalize their products, what are the factors that force or attracts them to take such a big step? Well, there are two factors which are provocative for industrialists to take such decissions. - Category: Management

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