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Author: Alex Gordon

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About Me: Sheffield University student who is enthusiastic about pursuing Journalism in the future, especially in sport, and likes to express his views.

Articles by Alex Gordon:
  • The Hero and the Villain: The Booing of Justin Gatlin ( 1343 reads)   

    The booing of Justin Gatlin has been applauded, condemned and examined by the BBC and social media. Justin Gatlin must have seen it coming. - Category: Sports
  • An Olympics in Russia: Who Said This Was a Good Idea? ( 3047 reads)   

    Comparing Moscow 1980 and Sochi 2014. Putin's ambition to promote the Sochi Games as a way of highlighting Russia's global role is not dissimilar to the Games of 1980. - Category: Sports
  • Transfer Deadline Day For Dummies. ( 2922 reads)   

    A look at the Transfer Deadline Day and what it means for all parties involved. - Category: Sports
  • A Middle-aged Man's Monologue. ( 3047 reads)   

    Background: New Histories University Online Newspaper. Topic: Days That Shook The World. The middle aged cynic. What is their view on the invention of the World Wide Web? - Category: Technology
  • Why Chelsea Were Right in Sacking Roberto Di Matteo. ( 2123 reads)   

    There are only three things that are certain during our time on this planet: life, death and a new Chelsea manager every six months. - Category: Others
  • Obama V Romney. Who Wins? A General Overview. ( 2773 reads)   

    Tuesday sees the culmination of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's election campaigns, but who has the edge? What will play a major part in who will be President of the United States come this Wednesday? - Category: Politics
  • Why an Olympic Legacy is an Achievable Ideal. ( 2161 reads)   

    A major question surrounding the post-Olympic euphoria regards the word 'legacy'. Uttered from countless politicians lips throughout the summer, not to mention Seb Coe personally, will and can the Olympic Games have a lasting legacy on our country? - Category: Sports
  • Sports Personality of the Year - The Hardest Decision Ever? ( 2303 reads)   

    In any other year, Andy Murray's sensational victory in last night's US Open added to his Olympic Gold and Silver medals would have ensured that he had the BBC SPOTY trophy sown up already. But with the brilliance of our athletes in the Olympics and Paraolympics during this summer, are there more deserving winners? - Category: Sports

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