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Author: Adnan ul Haque

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City: Karachi | State: Sindh

About Me: I am currently working at the RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF BEHAVIOURAL PSYCHOLOGY as experienced HR Personnel and Senior Researcher.

Articles by Adnan ul Haque:
  • Risk, Fresh Employees, and Hiring Approach ( 2844 reads)   

    The higher is risk, higher is profit. If this is right then why fresh employees are not being considered by organisation in hiring procedures? Risk is associated in every decision organisation make so why not take a bold decision? Written by - Adnan Ul Haque - Category: Others
  • HRM if not Essential for SURVIVAL Still Needed for ADVANCEMENT ( 4343 reads)   

    The approach of small and medium size enterprises towards HRM is short term whereas the scope of HRM offer more than short term bust. If finance is the blood of organisation than HRM is a pumping organ to direct management towards effective ideas in order to prosper in long term strategies and be more cost effective in term of time, money, energy and employee relationship. - Category: Careers

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