There was a constructive debate between two groups. One argued that Human resource management is essential for the survival while other group kept proposing the view that before the development of this discipline, still organisation existed and progressed. When I stood I just said that "there is a difference between survival and advancement". In past, few may think that HR discipline was not present but truth is when there is human involve, there is automatic HR involved but previously it was not viewed as separate entity. Today with modern technologies, substantial innovations, and globalisation, we observe the role of HR more visible and concrete but it has been ever existing one. There are still many examples especially in developing countries that medium and small size enterprises do pretty well to manage its employees but if we investigate in more depth, the findings show that though mission is to progress but these small and medium size enterprises are more focused on surviving in the macro domain. I strongly emphasis that if an organisation wants to advance in business it must develop HR department and must implement the procedures and policies of company accordingly with the HR perspective.

It has been a frequent practice in some of the sectors that the management hire HR personnel for a while and later fires them by suggesting that there is not much of HR related work in the organisation. It is sad and very unfortunate behaviour because the management itself is part of HR in broad perspective. When I say broad perspective, I indicate to functions like recruitment and selection, employee grievance handling, coordinating, training and development etc. The top management is involved in these all functions but with more conceptual approach rather than practical solutions. Here HR department is required with full support from top management to facilitate and assist administration and management in handling issues related to employees.

HR role will be neglected until management realise that this department is not an additional expense but an additional investment. By closing down HR department, organisations are only thinking in short term cost reduction. The results of every policy will show its ultimate results after certain time and there has been various previous empirical researches that show that decision taken in short term perspective are often negative and more affecting than effective. Those organisations who hire HR personnel for three month probation period in order to complete their recruitment for certain projects and later fire HR personnel are forgetting few of major themes such as business ethics, goodwill and reputation, and most of all confidence of internal and external customers.
Organisation must understand that the best potential workforce is recruited for them by HR so it should keep it to be more cost effective. When best workforce is availed it reduces cost for company and HR facilitates company in finding that best potential workforce. On the other hand, HR should also find new ways to show its strong presence in the organisation by being more innovative and influential in ideas. HR should develop a pattern of collectively and individually communicating with each and every employee. It must bring positive energy in the office through its charismatic and professional approach.

Once again I will make clear that to advance furthermore in progress and maintain strong continuity organisations must develop HR department and use it as catalyst to resolve issues related to employees and motivate workforce. On the other hand HR must not forget that "Out of sight is out of mind". HR must maintain strong charisma by communicating with employees individually and motivate them collectively. It must demonstrate strong presence in the organisation and find ways to show its significance and need for survival as well advancement in the progress of organisation.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am a professional researcher from Research Institute of Behavioural Psychology, Pakistan