A new electric powered three wheeler car, designed with lotus- a British car company, ZAP Alias with a top speed of 156 mph is available in the market from the year 2009. The car is manufactured by ZAP. Zap is a California based automobile company founded in 1994 and has been making very small electric vehicles for few years and selling them through handful of traders in the whole country. Zap is the short form of Zero Air Pollution. So it is very obvious from the name of this company that they are dedicated to assemble environment friendly vehicles.

According to the manufacturer of this car, ZAP Alias is unlike anything ever seen or driven on the planet. The name Alias resembles this statement. It is truly a car from the future. With the oval shaped unique look and advanced alternative wheel motor drive system the Alias has truly redefined the driving in history.


ZAP Alias is powered by two electric wheel motors of 2 x PML 15.75 inches (400 mm) with a peak torque of 557.52 lb/ft (756 Nm) and maximum revolution of 2100 rpm. Two of the car's front wheel is run by these two motors separately. This car is faster than a Porsche Boxster as it can go from standstill to 60 mph in just 5.7 second. This new kind of car is promised to deliver new kind of experience to the drivers.

The maximum power that can be produced by this car is 321.85 hp. in a fully charge state this car can run about 100 miles. Alias has a water cooled cooling system. This car has an intelligent, universal input on-board recharger system. The batteries used on this car are lithium-ion battery pack. The charging of this battery is very easy. All you need to do is plug it to any AC outlet. You can also customize you ZAP Alias by adding accessories like additional batteries, remote alarm or tricked out sound system.

Interior and Exterior:

This red colored car is designed as an alien space sheep. Under the sleek composite skin of the car one will find an engineer's masterpiece in shape, robust and technological progressions. ZAP Alias is able to accommodate two passengers including the driver.
The facilities inside this 100% electric sports car includes power controlled windows, door locks and steering, integrated GPS system, electronic braking system and euro racing seating. The structure of this car is made of composites and solar glasses are used. The regenerative braking system and computerized power management system make this car even more flawless. This car also has theatre quality satellite radio and it is homologated as a motorcycle.

Safety Features:

This car provides all the recommended safety requirements to ensure enhanced safety features compared with a conventional motorcycle. It has seatbelt provision and roll hoop for passengers' safety. The CAE has guided the development of structural safety solution of ZAP Alias.


The car is priced $35,996 without tax and after including the tax of $4000 it will cost $39,995.

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