Lets start at body language. When you are upset you give off a negative sense of body language. This can make your spouse even more upset and could possibly make things worse. So when you do get upset just go where you are sucluded and just think of something happy. And also after you have calmed some go and find your spouse and sit them down and talk about what is upseting them and what you can do to help make things better. Make a list of things that you and your spouse can do to make each other happy and that can also make things in your relashionship. Here are some simple steps that could help you and your spouse get together some.

1) Make a list of things that you and your other "special" half can do to make things better and help each other out.

2) Make a schedual of your week and things that you will be doing.

3) Plan some dates or special time that you and your spouse can do together. (Also make sure that your scheduals arent conflicting and that you and your spouse can be alone and it just be you two together.

Here is an example of something that you and your spouse can do together. Lets say that you both have Tuesday off. Well then schedual a time at the arcade or going skating and then a movie and then maybe going out to eat together. Sometimes bodylanguage can be a big or a little help to your relashionship. Sometimes if you take your signifigant other out to eat it can dramaticly change the whole aspect of your relashionship. Even if you and your signifigant other cant afford something all out like a 5 star restaraunt, you two could go out to eat at a fast food reastraunt like McDonalds or even Sonic. So even if you think that your relashionship is about to bottom out and you think your whole life is going to be ruined because youve done stuff with your spouse that has ruined your purity, dont go down on your self because if you do that, that could really ruin your relashionship.

So just follow the 3 steps above and hopefully it could bring your relashionship streight back up and could extremely help you. I hope you find this article helpful.

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