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We all want what's best for our family don't we ? By now we have all heard of  "going green" , a "greener environment"
I say "Growing Greener" growing as in educating individuals on a greener planet .
It's not only recycling but the way we eat and grow our fruits and vegetables
 D id you know that we ingest pesticides every time we eat fruit's and vegetables unless it is organically grown.
The fact of the matter is we can grow organic fruits and vegetables for the same price or cheaper.
We do not need harmful man made pesticides they are unhealthy for you and your children.
You see organic pest control is of course all natural, not synthetic or man made it comes from mother nature which
supplies us with an abundant amount of  natural resources ,including an easy way to make natural organic pest control.
    This earth has been totally organic for it's entire life until this century. The effects of synthetics or man made
chemicals in general will continue to take it's toll on mother nature , unless we make more changes now !
Not only to the way we grow and maintain our produce  but the way we think about our planet we all need to learn and teach our children
 how to respect this earth from which it all started. Landfills were over flowing. at an alarming rate . Each and every day millions of gallons of
  toxic waste and poisons are flowing into our oceans and water supplies ,what can I do you say ? there are many ways we can help as individuals.
      Recycling is a one way we can contribute to the cause. aluminum cans paper plates Plastic and paste board box's .are all recyclable.
It's easy enough to  get a couple extra trash cans and mark them ,Aluminum, paste board , plastic ect.,
and instead of throwing it away just drop it off at your local recycling center
When groceries shopping look at what you are buying .Is it biodegradable , recyclable all natural or organics ? read your labels.
We are consumers and we literally control the economy .What we buy determines what will be produced in larger quantities it's all about supply and demand
     We all need to demand a greener environment and eventually things will turn around. We must think about our kids and their kids our grandchildren
because no matter how young you  are eventually you will either have children or influence a child's life .We need to educate our self's  and our children.
We can reverse the damage done by synthetics pollutants man made or hazardous materials.
There is other ways , you can be sure you are eating healthy natural organic foods, Grow Your Own.
I know life is busy and at times hectic but growing your own organic vegetables is now easier than ever, and fresh organic vegetables are loaded with antioxidants , vitamins , minerals and immune boosters These benefits now should be more important than ever to a health conscience society.

With the advancements we've made with indoor gardening means growing is easier than ever .with auto watering , Hydroponics systems and inexpensive CFL grow lights makes the indoor gardening process really easy on the pocket book.
Also research suggest the new CFL grow lights may even reverse symptoms of seasonal depression  by replicating the color spectrum of the sun .
     I predict in the near future your old standard light bulb will be a thing of the past , plus they  save you up to 70%  off your light  bill .
Another step you can take to growing greener is Saving energy When you leave a room you should check to see , is the lights off ,  TV  , stereo ,
cable box ect .Installing solar panels on your house or garage can save you money and reduce overall consumption of electricity and now
some state and  government agencies can assist in installation cost and  various tax breaks are also available.
 Solar panel systems can store electricity  so when the sun is away the energy will stay .
     Next let us look at our transportation. Is your automobile Environmentally friendly and energy efficient ? If not maybe you can use public transportation ,
bicycling , or walking this is not only environmentally friendly it is healthy. When choosing a new car look for fuel mileage ,alternative fuels , hy-breds or rechargeable electric cars
With the price of conventional fuels sky rocketing exploring these alternatives has become more of a necessity than a option
There are so many things we can do as individuals for the growing greener cause , that are now easier than ever
     .Keep in mind it's not only helping you and your family by saving you money , you are saving our planet and making it a growing greener place to live.

Article submitted by Michael L. Byrd


About Author / Additional Info:
The author Michael L. Byrd offers tips and information on organic gardening conserving energy ,and creating an environmentally friendly planet you can visit his web site for more information and Growing greener ideas for you and your family http://www.grow-green.org