Yamaha was established in 1985 in India. Yamaha started with a joint venture with Escort Group but later they acquired the rest of the stake and became India's leading motorcycle company. In 2008 Mistsu became the joint investor with Yamaha and contributed great efforts in manufacturing motorcycles. Yamaha has plants globally which operates in integrating and assembling of parts. No product is sent outside the plant unless it has undertaken a complete quality check. This is why Yamaha has the best quality benchmark in the world. Yamaha has different levels of assembly line and on each assembly line there is a quality check. These quality checks give them a competitive advantage of customer satisfaction.

Recently India Yamaha Pvt Ltd has introduced Yamaha Gladiator which has a name that defines its toughness and resistance to any of situations like a belted knight. Yamaha had a good line of motorcycles and scooter it has introduced an immense nip and tuck to its 125cc bike. In various designers' colors and a pair of black alloy wheels new Yamaha Gladiator SS125cc is launched. It offers excellent corner handling and can be started in any gear. Yamaha claimed that the Gladiator bike will be able to give mileage of 67 kmpl in actual city conditions.

Engine features

Yamaha Gladiator contains single cylinder air cooled 4 stroke SOHC engine which has the capacity to deliver maximum power of 8.0 kw at 7500 rpm and torque of 10.4 Nm at 6500 rpm.

It's additional outfitted features like fuel tank with good judgment of graphics and volumes, impressive design cover, makes it very striking. It further has comfortable seat and its body structure is established using light weight diamond type frame that assures an unwavering and smooth riding.

Safety features

Its lighting combination includes impressive position indicator, multi-reflector head light, combination, indicators, and tail lamp.Its front brakes consist of 240 mm disc brake and 150 mm drum brake with large capacity. Rear brakes of this motorcycle include anti dust, sturdy drum brake and non-asbestos brake shoe to diminish environmental impact.

Other features

Other salient features offered in this bike are DC-CDI ignition system, 5 speed transmission, air induction system, catalytic converter, non-asbestos type clutch friction plate, low noise (silent) cam chain, YTPS equipped BS carburetor, and a newly designed sporty muffler.
Variants /Models

Its two different models include Gladiator Std and Gladiator DX. Gladiator Std does not have asbestos in its front drum brake. Gladiator DX is further available with asbestos in its front drum brake and brake pads in its front disc brake.

Some other technical specifications includes that its length is about 2,065mm, width is 730mm, and Overall Height is 1,100mm with Tank Capacity of 13 liters. It contains a Wheel Base of 1,300mm with ground clearance of 160mm.

Growing consciously and innovating the business processes will lead them to the best output. They perform and they educate their customers as well as their stakeholders about new technology. The loyalty and value they gain from their customer and stakeholder is tremendous.


The coost of the vehicle is about 49,500, but it may vary in each place due to local taxes.

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