The gaming market is worth over £4 billion each year and it is still expanding. The leading console are constantly on the look out for the next big thing. Gaming experts' jumped to the edge of their seats when the Nintendo Wii introduced the more active way to play. It has een a few years but what do the biggest and the best game console producers have to say about it?

PlayStation Move
I'd like to praise SONY for coming up with a brand new technology but, sadly, I can't. Reminiscent of the Wii, PlayStation have successfully mimicked Nintendo's creation and used their reputation and foothold in the gaming market to advertise their new product. The Move system uses a remote controll that the player has to hold while playin the game and the coloured ball on the tip of the controller is a sensor, in fact the colored sensor is the only diference from SONY launching the PlayStation Wii. Slightly fewer games released and a mediocre advertising campaign, have PlayStation done themselves justice? Within 10 days of launch, the Move was sold far fewer times to retailers than the Kinect. Have SONY squandered a prime opportunity to leap ahead of Microsoft and Xbox. Has the Move given them the right to ascend to the best of the best or has it let them fall to the best of the worst?

Xbox Kinect
A vast advertising campaign made by the biggest computer/tech company in the world has made the Kinect known throughout the world. Unlike PlayStation, the Kinect has discovered a new technology and has a new way to play. The new hands free system just involves the user setting up a sensor near the TV and the sensor will pick up where you are and display you as a character on screen. A totally new way of gaming, the Kinect sold 1.4 million copies in just 10 days, a multiple of how well the Move did in its first 10 days. A smart black sensor that fits in to any home and with lots of new games released exclusiveky for the Kinect, is there a weakness in the new console? Revolutionary in terms of new technology, unrivalled by competition and remarkably cool, the Kinect has shown the world how to play. What will be next for Xbox? Watch this space!

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