In order to write a good proposal for a project, first you must have a good project. No matter how simple the project, you must be able to demonstrate that it is worthy of support both financially and otherwise. You must know what your goal is and you should also have a concrete plan on how to achieve it.

There are a number of places you can usually go to get money to fund a community program. Unfortunately it is often difficult to convince people to give you the money you need to start the program. You must be well prepared with facts about the program, including goals and objectives, and justification (why the program is needed by the community and what community needs/problems the program will meet/solve), and the expected outcomes/results. You need to show that you have done the necessary preparation, including financial planning.

Each donor has a limited pool of funds that they can grant to projects. So different community organizations will be competing with each other for funds, with each one trying to emphasize how important their project is; and the donor will have to choose which projects do and do not get funds.

The funding application process

The funding application process takes time. You should start applying as soon as your plans begin to take shape. Be prepared to apply to many different funding sources. In the case of government or foreign funds, it may take 6-12 months or more before funds are actually received, especially depending on their funding cycle. When your project plan is completed and submitted to a funding agency, if the timing does not fit with their funding cycle, you may have to wait a long time before your application is even considered. Try to find out what is the best time to apply for the various funding agencies, get organized, and get your application in on time.

Specific purposes

Most funding organizations provide grants for specific purposes. You need to find out which funding organizations are most likely to be interested in funding your kind of project. They may have priority target groups and issues. Then you can send your application to appropriate funding organizations, and you can clearly outline in your application how your project fits with their programs and priorities.

You must make sure that you provide enough information in your funding application to show that your program fits into those guidelines. If you do not, then you will not get the funding, no matter how good idea your program is. Adequate information, and that too the right information, is needed for your application to be accepted for funding. Also make sure that you give due diligence to the application process. There are many people who just start writing projects for the sake of doing it and they do not bother about the quality of the writing. This kind of writing proposals will have little or no effect on the donors.

Try to put in a lot of effort for the best results.

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