If you are planning to visit 'Land Down Under' you will require an Australian visa. People visiting Australia for the purpose of a holiday, tourism, visiting friends or family will require an Australian ETA visa, a six month tourist visa or a twelve month tourist visa. If you want to work in Australia during your proposed stay, you will require an Australian working holiday visa. If you are intending to visit Australia for the purpose of business, you will need to have a business ETA.

ETA Visas

ETA Tourist visas are processed within 24 hours and linked electronically to your passport once issued. Your ETA visa are verified when you check in for your flight to Australia and then by an Immigration Australia officer when you arrive. You must first decide which kind of visa is most suited to your travel plans.

How do I choose which visa I require? Choosing a visa can be difficult in some cases but the best way to do so is to ask yourself the following questions:

What is the purpose of your trip - Tourism or Business?
How long do you intend to stay in Australia?
Is your passport eligible for Australian ETA visa, a six month tourist visa or a twelve month tourist visa?

ETA tourist visas allow tourists to visit Australia for up to 90 days per visit. Having a passport of a recognized country makes you eligible for an ETA Tourist Visa.

Working Holiday Visas

Believe it or not you can experience Australia and earn money at the same time. The Australian government likes the idea of people experiencing their country; because of this they want these people can gain an understanding of the Australian people and their unique way of life. You can travel to Australia on a working holiday is a great way to do this as you can explore this vast country, whilst working to help cover the cost of your time there.

There are three different types of Australian working holiday visas.

First Australian Working Holiday Visa

For the 'first timers' there is the First Australian Working Holiday Visa. It is for people have never been to Australia before for the purpose of work. This type of visa is valid for 12 months and will allow you to stay in Australia and work for this duration. However you can work with an employer for only six months.

Second Australian Working Holiday Visa

This visa is aimed at all the 'seasoned pros'. If you have enjoyed your first working holiday and want more, more fun, more excitement and more opportunity to travel the land 'down under' this is for you. If you have been to Australia on a working visa and completed the mandatory 3 months' work you are eligible for this kind of visa.

Australian Work and Holiday Visa

This visa is exactly the same a working holiday visa; however it is specifically aimed at US applications.

Other Visas

Apart from these there are other types of visas which make people eligible to work in Australia and study. These include student visas, migration visas, business sponsored visas and partner visas (defacto/spouse/fiancé). The eligibility requirements on these visas are more complicated than ETA's or working holiday visas. For more information about this we recommend speaking to a trained visa agent, as they will be able to help you assess your eligibility.

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