Many people enter competitions as a hobby. Others enter one-off competitions in the hope of winning big. Most people would like to visit many different parts of America but unfortunately a lot of people struggle to find the funds to meet the price tag. The only way some of us will see America is by winning a competition which you can enter online or through magazines and TV sites.

Luckily, there are many holiday competitions out there which you can enter for your chance to go to the USA. You may simply be putting your name into a draw or you may need to answer a few questions directly, whichever you do, you could be on your way to winning a fantastic holiday!

There are so many places to visit in America that winning a competition would be a dream come true for many!

New York would probably be the top of your list as one of your dream American destinations. You could do many things in New York like seeing a Broadway show or poignantly visiting the National September 11 Memorial, on the site of the World Trade Centres. This can be a very emotional yet enjoyable visit for anyone.

New York is very popular at New Year, but many people can't usually afford their trip to NY in the new year season. Winning a holiday competition, or cash competition, would be a great way of experiencing New York without the worry of money.

Another great place to go in America is the Grand Canyon National Park. This is a favourite with every tourist because there are such great views! Most visitors who are lucky enough to go here head for the South Rim, but others go 200 miles away to the North Rim which is quieter and also well worth a visit.

Many people think Florida when they think of America. Of course this is a highly popular destination too. There are many holiday competitions that offer this as a family holiday prize, imagine how you would feel if you won a trip here! This place is not just for kids, there are many things adults will enjoy. You don't even have to have any children to take a trip to America! But if you do, a trip to Disney world to see the Disney characters come to life is a must do.

Entering holiday competitions or cash competitions could be a great way of having the chance to win these holidays of a life time to America. Whether you are into adventure, relaxation or the Disney magic, America has everything you can possibly want!

These competitions can be found online, on television usually in ad breaks of popular shows, on the radio and also in magazines and newspapers. As long as they are free to enter, be sure to enter as many as possible for more chances to win.

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