The Atlantis empire may be a fabled lost island but hundreds of books and films have covered it. There is no explanation as to where it is or what it was. Definitely this is true It was in 360 BC when the Greek philosopher by the name of Plato mentioned Atlantis I two of his dialogues namely Timaeus and Critias, and ever since professional researchers and amateur sleuths have been hooked. When it comes to this, a bookstore online has 438 titles. It was Disney that released Atlantis The Lost Empire which was a full feature film.

A number of scholars were believers in the island of Atlantis, a land that brought forth an infinite abundance and beheld the sunlight, and they said that Plato could not have been able to fabricate the story. Why does Atlantis remain to be a mysterious quotation from Plato? For Plato, he died after little over a decade failing to reveal the truth about Atlantis.

Plato got Atlantis from Solon, a historian who really existed. What the skeptics are saying involves Solon fabricating a story and Plato buying it. According to the true believers, the intellect of Plato was impressive but he did not have the ability to create a much descriptive notion of Atlantis considering a series of rings with the royal palace and cities reachable by canals that have been dug out as well as the intricate line of statues that are all over the empire not to mention a number of bath houses present.

For Plato the demise of Atlantis occurred in 9000 BC but there is much doubt to this claim for such a place, advanced enough to be able to make nuclear bombs not to mention a number of flying machines, could have existed for more than this determined time. Another point of argument is with regard to where Atlantis is. Many believe it was actually on an island named Thira, which was destroyed by a volcano about 1470 BC.

Off of the coast of Spain in the Azores in the Atlantic is one more location for Atlantis. But almost any time parts of sunken temples or buildings are discovered in any ocean, some people believe they've found the real location of Atlantis. The European explorers even made use of Atlantis laden maps when they sailed around the world.

Any bit of traveling was done via flying machines made from the skins of the elephants they had. Just off of the coast of modern day Bimini was another alternative Atlantis location. Even though there was much destruction, people survived. By ending up in Egypt, these survivors shared their expertise with the rest of the world. Traces of Atlantis could be found in a secret chamber in the Great Sphinx.

No ice was in Antarctica aside from 4000 BC. Before that, though, there were all sorts of underground explosions and seismic upheavals. Many of them would have been cataclysmic enough to wipe out any existing civilization. In the Atlantic Ocean is where Atlantis really existed and this was found out by one author who decided to do research in the hopes of proving its existence. The reason for its absence is a nuclear explosion in the past. We have nuclear weapons today and so did they back then. During their civil war, the people blew themselves up via an exchange of nuclear explosions.

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