All those who are married were deeply in love with the person we married for a long time. We may still be deeply in love with the person, but over the period of years, all of us have noticed that over the years, the expression of our love has decreased, even though our love for the person has increased.

As we grow old, our expressions change and we take life more seriously. We tend to forget that expressing our love to our partner is very important. There are many reasons for the need to expression of our love to our partner. They are as follows:

1. Increases bonding:

The bond that is shared between the two of you will increase if you are able to tell each other that you love the other person. The bonding that was very thick slowly seems to melt away over a period of time and this can really cause a lot of problems.

2. Prevents divorce:

There are many instances where the couple may have been on the verge of a divorce and just a single word of love will be able to prevent the fall out that they have had with each other. This has been the case in many families. There are many instances where the couple has had a fight or an argument up to the extent of getting divorced, but each person expects the other to actually ask for forgiveness or just say a word of regret. This does not happen and they go in for the divorce because of the egoistic attitude. In these cases, just a word of love will prevent such catastrophic changes in the family.

3. Prevents affairs:

When you frequently tell your spouse that you are in love with them, then you have a sure shot method of preventing most of the affairs that start. The usual reason for the affairs is the fact that people seem to cool down in their love for the spouse and this causes the other person feel neglected. So if you frequently let your partner know that you love them, then you will be able to prevent almost all the affairs that start due to this factor.

4. Creates more love:

A small word of love will cause the couple to have more love grow between them. This is like a growing tree, where your word of love further motivates more loving actions and the tree grows and blossoms. So sharing your love to your spouse is very important in a relationship.

5. Tomorrow may be too late:

There are many people who put off their wish to tell their spouse how much they love them. There are instances where the chance never comes and so the love is not able to be shared. This can cause a lot of heart ache later on.

All these are the reasons for you to tell your love to your spouse immediately, as if you wait for a later date, the time may never come.

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