A large number of people spend their maximum earnings for their family and household not realizing the importance of saving for the retirement period. Being a conscious person one has to save for his retirement days. The perspective of saving for these days varies from person to person. There are some people who have to save to survive, some needs to save in order to enjoy and relax the free days and so on. Some people have a very distinct self esteem and never want to get dependent on others. So if you do not have savings for the workless period of your life then you might face so many unwanted problems.

In today's world the joint family pattern has changed to single or nuclear family as a result of urbanization. Urban based industrialization leads to single and small family by breaking down the age old tradition of rural join agro-production based earning system. This leads to economical insecurity of people who have used maximum part of their lives for their families. Basically the people who are not capable of contributing in production system are these people. So at their old age the people have to live a vulnerable and dependant life. So if you do not want to be a burden for your children or close relatives, then save for your retirement days.

Retired life

If you were a high official in your professional life and lead a very prestigious and honorable life then it would be tough for you to accept the changes you will face after your retirement. Assets seem to play an important role after retirement. You will be able to lead and enjoy your life the way you want to if you have enough wealth or savings. Otherwise you will have to depend on your children which might be turn to an unpleasant experience of your life. Always remember being dependent is never a good idea, and more importantly when you have the opportunity of saving for yourself.

Saving for health needs

If you have special plans for your retirement days, like traveling to historical places of the world, or if you want to own a farm or contribute for social affairs then you must have the backup of surplus money for these things. Otherwise your dreams will remain as dreams forever. More over in western countries polygamy leads to single parent family. This causes more economic insecurity and more loneliness. In this period of life a healthy savings can be a strong support. It can be also added that in old age the probability of diseases such as heart attack, stroke is much more. So you need a good savings for medical expenses.

Personal savings

Lastly it can be said that savings for retirement ages is very important not less than savings for house hold expenses. This is an era of self-centeredness. Moreover strong struggle of surviving and passion for high ambitions in life weaken family bonding resulting in parents' insecure and vulnerable life. So having a personal savings in retirement age gives economical security and it also helps to maintain a healthy relation with the family members as they do not need to give you economical support.

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