There are certain situations when a woman simply cannot understand what her man is doing or trying to do. He acts something but means something. So, how do you decipher such things if this happens? Here are ways in which you can understand him better.

When guys have problems, they tend to keep it. Not because they want to move away from you or they do not want to share it but they keep it to themselves because men are born that way. Guys who have problems want to solve it on their own. They want to keep it so that when the time comes that they have found a solution, they know they are up to the task. In a situation where you have a problem and you tell it, they tend to solve that problem for you.

A guy is usually very secretive about his passion for something. If he wants you to watch his favorite game or wants you to play the sport he plays then that is a sign that he really loves you. If a guy likes a girl, he would do everything in his power to keep you, to get you interested on the things he likes, and he wants to do it with you. If he opens up about what he loves to do, this is a sign that he is interested in you and he is wondering if you are interested in it too.

Men show; they do not tell. Ever wonder why your guy does not talk much especially when your friends are around? Or how about how he never tells you he loves you? It does not mean that he does not love you or he loves you less. They already know that he loves you and the way to get that idea to you is by showing it, and not by talking about it. This is why when a guy loves his girl, he will try to show it by sending her flowers every week or take her out on a dinner or simply pull her close enough to give her a hug. To know exactly about man, visit

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