Do you know where can you find Pacific on one side and Atlantic on another, and in between the heritage from the Mayan time along with white sandy desert and bright green jungle? Yes, you are right. I am talking about Mexico. There are only a few good places as this one where you can have a real peaceful vacation; although that does not turn down your search for adventure. Mexico has plenty of that too.

Let's start with the sea beaches. In Mexico, you will find quite a few top class sea beaches with pure white sand and palms in the beaches will give you a cool and comforting feeling. The high rising waves from the Pacific are always marked as favorite by the surfers.
If you need to enjoy nature, Mexico has lot of offer. The canyons near the Monterrey will surely give you a test of breath taking adventure, and so will the hiking through the Oaxaca cloud forest.

Places you can go to:
Mexico City

Mexico City is not only the capital of the nation; it is the city of hope and honor for the Mexican people. This city has been the capital of the country for a very long time. The world known Aztec kingdom was based on this city. But history is not everything about the Mexico City; it is place full of life. In the roadside fusion restaurants, you can enjoy a fresh salmon and then pay a visit in the dazzling night clubs near the Guadalajara.


Oaxaca is the heart of Mexican art and craft. It has a very long history for creative production and in all over the city, you will find both ancient and modern architectural creations. It has museums you must visit to know the antique history of Latin America. Numerous archeological sites circles around the city. Oldies villages on the background of tall mountains and mind-blowing landscape will make your trip in Oaxaca much more than your expectation.


Mexico is enriched with the Mayan heritage and if you are interested in this, you have to go to Palenque. There are several temples from that time which will make you wonder about the engineering intelligence of the race. Along with muggy jungles, Palenque can give you a memorable time.


If you think Egypt as the only country with pyramids, then you must go to Teotihuacan. The pyramids here are not as big as the Egyptians, but still worth visiting.

Puerto Escondido

The Puerto Escondido is a perfect beach area from all sense. Whether you are looking for surfing or fishing, or just lying around while watching the big waves of Pacific, Puerto Escondido is the place for you. Wildlife exploration and fishing in this place can give you a rare experience. And don't forget the crazy night life in Puerto Escondido.

Mexico is a country where you will get a mid classical style with modern people. It has a nice combination of Southern American way with old Spanish culture which you can totally enjoy in your next tour in Mexico.

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